Sara J. Carey - Huntington Station, NY

Just what I wanted to download pictures from my iPhone. After watching a YouTube video about it, I found it easy to use.

Ruth J. Hartley - Washington, DC

This was so easy to use and I am not at all tech savvy. I was able to figure it out right away and it was so simple to use. Thanks for making such a quality tech product that is so simple to use.

Candice L. Runge - Pittsburgh, PA

I purchased this because when I got my new phone, there were thousands of pictures from my old phone that got transferred over and ate up all of my memory. This little handy gadget made it so easy to take all the pictures off my phone, transfer them to the flash drive and then transfer them right onto my computer. In less than a half hour I moved over 5000 photos and it was so easy to do. Definitely worth the money.

Robbie C. Ely - Saint Louis, MO

I was looking for an all-in-one flash drive that had at least 32gb. So when I found this one, I got so excited that I bought it immediately! It has a ton of space on the flash drive, has a sleek design and so many insert options! The one thing I would really love it for it to have a cover for sides but I knew that it didn't have one when I bought it. Perfect for school though and you can't beat the price for the gbs!

Lillie D. Pierre - Sarasota, FL

This is really an amazing product.

Joshua J. Sheppard - Bassett, VA

My cell phone does not support Micro Chip and it usually ran out of space. It was quite a headache to transfer files (photos, audio, videos and some docs) between my Android Cell Phone and notebook. Now I am feeling relaxed for having backed up my data securely. This beautiful multi-function product made my life easier due to the fact that my car has no USB port for playing music. I had to connect my cellphone via Bluetooth to play audio files which occupied most of the space on Internal Storage. Now using this magical USB Flash Drive, I never worry about running out of space. I connect it to my cell phone and play all my favorite songs. One of the features I liked the most is its File Encryption. You can protect your files stored in this USB -Drive by Encrypting them and the encrypted files in the USB-Drive will not be visible and accessible if connected to a PC/Notebook. It’s worth the price and I highly recommended it.

Nancy L. Schneider - Boscobel, WI

I travel a lot and don’t like to carry a laptop since my Iphone does just about everything I need. But sometimes I need to access documents from my computer. Having a USB flash drive to download documents to before I leave and for the same flash drive to be able to plug into my IPhone to work on a document has been a lifesaver! It has plenty of memory for my needs.

Sharon T. Wallace - Burlington, MA

I transferred all my photos from my phone to my computer. Five Stars.