RecovStick FAQs

How long will shipping take?

This is an American-owned business that doesn't believe it should take 45 days to receive your product from China. Orders are sent from our New Jersey warehouse via USPS, FedEx, UPS, or DHL for international customers depending on speed and efficiency of delivery. Product will be shipped within 48 business hours. Please allow between 5-7 days for standard delivery. You will be emailed a tracking link after your order is shipped. Thank you for your purchase!

How does the money back guarantee work?

Simply return your product and we'll give you a refund for 30 days.

What is RecovStick and how does it work?

RecovStick is a portable storage device that uses flash memory to store data. It connects to computers, phones, and other devices, allowing you to transfer, store, and access files.

Why is RecovStick better than using an online cloud service?

Unlike the regular cloud service, RecovStick is a ONE-TIME purchase. You won’t need to pay monthly just to keep using the RecovStick. Also, RecovStick does not violate your privacy. Online cloud services often let third parties access your photos and files.

And with RecovStick, you will save your privacy and thousands of dollars every year.

Will this work with my smartphone or tablet?

You won’t have to worry about compatibility issues. RecovStick supports iOS 8 and up, Android 4.3 and up, Mac and Windows computers, and tablets (iOS / Android).

How long does it take to back up my devices?

This depends on the number of files and photos you transfer. 1 GB of information (roughly 600 pictures)would only take about 5 minutes.

RecovStick’s proprietary software makes the process as easy as a single click and is guaranteed to transfer and store your files faster than any regular cloud storage service.

Can I backup multiple devices on one RecovStick?

Yes. RecovStick can backup all devices in your household on just one stick. But if you have a lot of files it’s recommended to buy multiple RecovSticks.

Can I password-protect my RecovStick?

Yes, RecovStick offers password protection and encryption features to secure your data. You can set up a password to restrict access to your files.