RecovStick FAQs


Can I encrypt my photos on this device?

Yes. Password & Touch ID can encrypt file information in APP to protect your private files, you can choose to encrypt the entire usb flash drive, or you can choose to encrypt a specific file. All encrypted files stored in this USB flash drive are invisible on the computer.

How much storage does this device have?

64GB of storage! Ample additional space so you can store your pictures and videos at one fixed cost. Depending on the quality of the photos, that means you can store about 2500 photos. You can also store about 40, 3min videos of the highest quality.

How many devices should I get so I can store all my photos and videos?

It’s recommended to get a minimum of 3 devices if you haven’t ever backed up any of your photos or videos before. This will most likely ensure you have all of your past memories saved, and give room for saved photos and pictures for the future. If you have a partner or kids that also have shared memories on different devices, you will probably need to order more to cover your family’s devices.

Should I share this device with other people’s phones?

Our customer’s have found it’s best to use one stick with one device. Using multiple devices for storage is not recommended, because this could create confusion on where photos are stored and overwrite the photos you have saved.

Can I use this without internet connection?

Yes! This is a great way to make sure your photos and videos are safe while traveling or if you are not able to get an internet connection.

I’m not a techy. Is this difficult to use?

No! Its as simple as downloading an app if you have an iPhone, or not at all and plugging it in! To use the photo stick on Phone/Pad, you need to download ''LUV-Share'' app; Android needs to turn on OTG function (No need to download APP). You can transfer data between various devices and easily complete data sharing. (Note: Our flash drive is not compatible with pad with type-c/usb-c interface.)

What devices are these compatible with?

Compatible with computers, smart TVs, music players, iPhones, iPads (with lightning connection), androids etc. and digital devices which come with USB ports

Is this portable?

Yes! It’s Durable and easy to carry. Nickel plated aluminum surface looks pretty, and it ensures durable long-time usage and keeps your storage safety. Small size make it very easy to carry.